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How to Upload and Order Prints

*Ordering may vary on mobile devices.

1. Upload Your Photos

All photos are stored in individual albums, or "Collections". In order to upload photos, you must first have a collection created to ulpoad your photos to. Click on My Account and choose My Photos to begin.

Choose a collection from the left to uploads photo to. OR, click the " New Collection" button to create a new collection of photos.

Create a new collection to upload photos to for online storage and photo print ordering

Give your Collection a name and add an Optional description if you like. Click "Save" to Continue.

Create a custom name for your collection of photos

After Choosing, or Naming your collection. Click the Upload Photos Button.

Click on Upload photos to upload your images to our website

Choose an upload size for your photos, then click " Add Photos" to browse for photos located on your computer, or drag and drop them into the area provided.

Choose a size for uploading your images

Your photos will automatically begin to upload.

Pictures will automatically upload to our website

2. Select and Order Prints

To order prints, first choose a collection of photos from the left of the screen. Select each photo you would like to order prints of. Click on the photo to select it. An orange check box highlights each selected photo. After selecting photos, hover your mouse over the print size you would like to order and click the "" to add that print size to your selected photos.

Click on and select the photos you would like to order prints from

To order additional print sizes, select other images, and click the "" for the other print sizes you would like to order. Each print you are ordering will be shown on the image itself in your collection. After you have added all the prints you would like to order, click the big green Check Out button on the bottom right of the screen.

Select alternate images and order additional size prints from your photo collection

3. Review & Crop Your Prints

When you order prints, you will be presented with a "Review & Crop" page prior to reaching the shopping cart. Here we show you how your photo will print. After you review and approve your photo cropping, click the Green "Next" button to proceed to check out and place your order.

If you order a print size that does not fit your image, your photos will be cropped. Our site will prompt you to crop your images by adjusting the crop area on each image prior to check out. Move and resize the green box to crop your images to fit your print selection.

Easily Crop your photos when ordering

Optionally, you can choose to have us print all your photos without cropping. This will add a white border to 2 sides of your image so it can be printed the size you want without cropping.

Fit to page printing with no cropping

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